The SelfTalk Advantage

SelfTalk Coaches are professionally qualified and hold Masters level degrees in Coaching Psychology from the University of Sydney.

Why do we mention this?

A survey of Australian coaches in 2002 highlighted that only 20% of practicing coaches had any qualifications in the helping professions! Unlike a lot of coaches out there, SelfTalk coaches can ensure that you are working with a post-graduate University trained coach who combines latest research knowledge with an extensive corporate background and therefore know what they are doing!

What you can expect from your SelfTalk program

  • Increased confidence and sense of personal mastery
  • Increased repertoire of skills in areas your have identified
  • Creative perspectives to old problems
  • Enhanced Strategic/ meta cognitive thinking about you
    and your life
  • Personal leadership
  • Increased wellbeing

Importantly, across both Executive and
Health Coaching, SelfTalk Coaches provide:

  • Someone to listen objectively, who is trained in
    sophisticated listening skills
  • Someone to probe and refocus you, again using
    professional questioning expertise
  • Someone skilled in investigating your underpinning
    motivators and values
  • Someone who understands your behaviour and any
    resistance to change
  • Someone who can challenge you and develop
    meaningful goals with you
  • Someone to reinforce accountability when perhaps
    your own effort may falter
  • Someone to encourage you to stick to your chosen
    path and realize your potential!
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self talk quote

At every moment, when you're awake
And sometimes whilst you dream
You are actually talking to yourself
Making sense of what you see

Self talk is your constant interpreter
A part of everything you do
Its made up of what you say to yourself
Yes, it all comes down to you!

So take a minute to reflect
What self talk are you doing now?
Are you setting yourself up for success?
Or mindlessly waning your power?

And if you’ve never taken time
To notice what you’re saying
Take a minute, spend some time
Read on and stop delaying!

Light hearted though this poem may be
Don’t underestimate the theme
Working on yourself is a life-long journey
Coaching can help you build your dreams!

                                         self talk quote