There are literally hundreds of references that we could include here. If you are interested send us an email and we will be happy to oblige!


School of Coaching Psychology, Sydney University
If you want to learn more about Coaching Psychology then the universities website is not a bad place to start. There you can read a number of recent articles on the topic and consider becoming a coach yourself. The world sure as hell needs them.

Oxford Brookes University
The first International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring – is academic in nature however some excellent research based findings.

This site is at the other end of the scale – great for marketing ideas and coaching tips!

International Coach Federation

Classic Business

Business Balls Organisational and Personal Development
A ballsy, simple read to demystify all those management theories! (And they’re free!)

The Consortium for Research on Emotional Intelligence in Organisations
A great website for all the latest research.

Harvard Business Online
Harvard business tools – again they are free and somewhat helpful!

Women In Business

Dr. Lois Frankel
Fantastic range of articles and reviews from a leading US Coach. She has written a great book “ Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office” – a handy read for women in business!

The Australian Government Office for Women
The Office For Women offers some useful updates on how women are being represented and what they are up to in this land of opportunity of ours!

Select Assessments

Hogan Assessment Systems

Right People

Psych Press

MLQ - Transforming the Leadership Industry

Health Coaching

ARTICLE: The Response to Stress
Great article on the response to stress by Dr Bruce McEwen a neuroscientist with 30 years expertise that he is willing to share.

Carolyn Myss Ph.D.
All about chakras and finding your spiritual purpose. Offers some very interesting perspectives.

Natural Health Guide
This is fairly new but does list some good providers in Sydney. It is not up to date on the true Exec and Health Coaching yet – but I am working on it!

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