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Both research and experience show us that sustained behaviour change takes approximately 3-6 months to actually become a habit. In Health Coaching in particular, often the knowledge alone is not enough to ensure that you will make the changes you would like to. Sustained change requires persistence, motivation, encouragement and regular support. It also requires a journey that is not too difficult to put into place!

A SelfTalk Health Coach can not only help you to accelerate the changes you would like to make, but can make your journey to better health more manageable, pleasant and perhaps even enjoyable!

Following a similar method to the Executive Coaching, Health Coaching begins with the key factors of self-awareness and self insight. Health Coaching involves having an honest, in-depth look at what makes you tick, examining you core needs and values and helping you to see how your behaviour supports or works against what you are trying to achieve.

SelfTalk Health Coaching covers a variety of areas in your life including your physical needs, your psychological challenges – including areas such as stress management, your social and your spiritual needs.

Optimising your health and modifying your behaviour in any of these areas is a life changing experience and one that requires ongoing attention.

Making the changes permanent and consolidating the new behaviours requires ongoing application and practice. SelfTalk Health coaching programs reinforce this integral principle and include plans to ensure that your success is ongoing and sustained.

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Suzi Skinner has been studying in this area for a number of years now – firstly from her own health perspective and more widely from that experienced by her clients. She believes education in this area has to come first, and the crucial behavioural strategies to improve it will follow, once people really understand what they are dealing with.

When working with SelfTalk in this area, you will not only become more knowledgeable about stress (in all its forms) but will also be given fundamental stress management techniques that are research proven and from the latest body of knowledge in the area.

In addition to her Masters degree Suzi has also completed a Certificate III in Gym instruction and Group fitness – why? Because we all need to develop that closer link between mind and body. So talk to us about “AAL”. (Code name for the program and only available to those who are willing to pick up the phone and ask us!)

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