Executive Coaching

SelfTalk Executive Coaching focuses on the common denominator in all organisations – large or small. That is the impact of you and the conversations you are having within your company – whether you are a recognised leader of the organisation (in status or role) or whether you lead from within. The results of your conversations – based on your attitude/your skills and your knowledge will either add to or detract from what you are trying to achieve. It is a simple and as complex as that!

For those of you who are leaders involved in shaping your companys’ future and success, engaging in meaningful conversations with your team that begins to form the company future and inspire creative action, is critical in achieving your aims.

For managers involved in executing your business strategy and making things happen, engaging in conversations that enable this to be done as effectively, efficiently and as rewardingly as possible, is just as vital to you.

And for all you and your peers, across the organisation, engaging in conversations that help you and others to see where they fit in, how they add value and in return, how they can achieve their personal goals, results in a high achieving culture and a team of energised, purposeful and satisfied individuals.

4 levels of Coaching Programs

Executive Coaching can meet and address challenges in business in a variety of areas and is often conducted at a number of levels. Implementation can take place at an individual level or a group strategic level and can be either HR or business unit driven.

Coaching can be used to support and sustain change in four core areas within organisations:

self talk Cultural Change Values programs

Coaching as an enabler of sustainable cultural change involves addressing the implications for change at the individual and team level when aligning to the companys’ vision and values. In order to drive effective change, it is critically important to implement a behaviour/thinking change program that reinforces and integrates this change for all team members. Coaching recognises that ultimately it is the human element of organisations that will drive the success of these improvement programs.

For more information on Cultural Change Coaching programs please contact suzi.skinner@selftalk.com.au

self talk  Leadership Development

Coaching as part of an overall Leadership Development initiative is typically aimed at senior managers and executives, and is designed to build leadership depth and consistency to their mode of operation.  These senior individuals may already be working effectively, but may be challenged to build on their performance through new insights and personal development. Coaching at this level draws on the best and latest research-supported leadership and emotional intelligence concepts.  Examples of these can include such challenges as a reactionary approach to work and life where personal needs come last; a lack of personal value identification and prioritization in life; communication strategies, stress management and assertiveness challenges; personal boundaries, strategic thinking and so on.

As effective leaders should be able to role model behaviour with consistency, a heightened self-awareness and self-discipline means these managers become more easily able to inspire, positively influence and manage those around them, as well as themselves. 

For more information on Leadership Development Coaching programs please contact suzi.skinner@selftalk.com.au

self talk  Performance Development

Coaching as a performance development tool is used to enhance the individual capabilities of select teams and individuals. Performance Coaching aims to enhance performance by increasing an individual’s awareness of their own behaviour.  It is typically aimed at people managers within organisations who may have knowledge and skills, but often do not use them optimally. 

Examples of focus areas for performance coaching include time and priority management, self management and emotional regulation, performance management techniques, personal professionalism, delegation, and conflict resolution. Emotional intelligence competencies are also introduced during performance coaching, as part of the manager’s ongoing development.

For more information on Performance Development Coaching programs please contact suzi.skinner@selftalk.com.au

self talk Skills Development

Coaching has been proven to be an effective reinforcement post training, to integrate the new skills into the participants everyday behaviours. In a study conducted by Olivero (1997), research was conducted on the effects of executive coaching on a group of managers undertaking conventional management training. The study found that whilst training increased productivity by 22% in this group, when combined with an 8 week executive coaching program (involving goal setting, collaboration and creative problem solving) productivity increased by 88% - a significantly greater gain than with training alone.

Skills based coaching involves working towards goals which enable individuals to build new strengths, identify specific areas for development and is generally more suited to those new to management or individuals with high potential.

For more information on Skills Coaching programs please contact suzi.skinner@selftalk.com.au


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What you can expect from your SelfTalk program:

  • Increased confidence and sense of personal mastery
  • Increased repertoire of skills in areas your have identified
  • Creative perspectives to old problems
  • Enhanced Strategic/ meta cognitive thinking about you and your life
  • Personal leadership
  • Increased wellbeing

across both Executive
and Health Coaching, SelfTalk Coaches provide:

  • Someone to listen objectively, who is trained in sophisticated listening skills
  • Someone to probe and refocus you, again using professional questioning expertise
  • Someone skilled in investigating your underpinning motivators
    and values
  • Someone who understands your behaviour and any resistance to change
  • Someone who can challenge you and develop meaningful goals with you
  • Someone to reinforce accountability when perhaps your own effort may falter
  • Someone to encourage you to stick to your chosen path and realize your potential!

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