Executive and Health Coaching are powerful activities for people wanting sustained changes in their lives.

As change is the key, coaching can help you accelerate or develop successful responses to the changes you are either wanting to, or having to, respond to in your life. Today, your ability to not only survive but to thrive and be fulfilled, is really based upon your ability to make changes that improve your life and ultimately your level of wellbeing.

At SelfTalk, our role is to help you raise your insight of what is important to you, clarify your life objectives and build strategies to successfully make them happen! This ensures that your results will be sustained over long periods of time and lead to life-long transformation.

SelfTalk Coaching explicitly relies on the expertise of YOU, investigating the self talk that you are engaging in and helping you realise the true value and knowledge that you have to offer.

self talk quote

At every moment, when you're awake
And sometimes whilst you dream
You are actually talking to yourself
Making sense of what you see

Self talk is your constant interpreter
A part of everything you do
Its made up of what you say to yourself
Yes, it all comes down to you!

So take a minute to reflect
What self talk are you doing now?
Are you setting yourself up for success?
Or mindlessly waning your power?

And if you’ve never taken time
To notice what you’re saying
Take a minute, spend some time
Read on and stop delaying!

Light hearted though this poem may be
Don’t underestimate the theme
Working on yourself is a life-long journey
Coaching can help you build your dreams!

                                         self talk quote